Would You Like to be an Editor for my Story?

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Editor, Maybe? New Chapter in a Few Hours

So, I have to have 100 words, which sucks lol. Spam spam spam spam spam. That must be at least 30 words, right? haha ok. Story is original fiction, romance, teen, etc. No fantasy, and I'm trying to make it at least semi-believable ;). Perfect endings don't always happen in real life, though, do they?

Hmm. How many words is that!? I'm about to enter random information!!! Ok so I write and read and draw and music-stuff and whatnot because I really think stories are better than real life! Only a cruel author/singer/artist gives an unhappy ending :( And I'm not one of those, although it may make things more realistic!

That's definately 100 words -_-'
May 31st, 2011 at 04:34am