Love and Relationships

I hate to be that person that is so in love that it's almost sickening. I don't hate to be in love though. I have never been happier. While things aren't nearly perfect in my life I'm doing better. Some things are definitely looking up. I am growing up and making plans. I am ready to start my life and I'm really ready to start it with this girl. I want to give her everything and make her as happy as she makes me. I'm working hard to do that.

Our relationship had some bumps in the road but every relationship does. Now I am so glad that I have her back. I literally don't know what I would do without her. She means the world to me. She is the sun and the moon and all of the stars in the sky. I could not imagine my life with anyone else. She is the only one I will ever want and need.

There is some distance between us but it is definitely a distance that we can overcome. With each passing day that distance lessens. She's busy getting a good education and I'm so proud of her for that. I'm going to work hard too so that we can have a great life together someday. We're both young but I definitely know what I want and nothing is going to stand in my way.

I spent the night yesterday with some neighbor girls I've known for quite some time and also a new person or two. We all sat around a firepit and roasted marshmallows and then I started talking about my girl. I couldn't help myself. I wasn't sure how people would react but they actually said our relationship is cute and romantic and sweet. It's nice to know that I have supporters.

She just makes me so insanely happy. It's incredible. She's incredible. Even the little things she says and does just make me so incredibly happy. When I see her call me her girlfriend I light up. When I see her say how she wants to spend the rest of her life with me it brings tears of joy to my eyes. I am so lucky and so blessed. I thank God everyday for bringing her to me. I am so completely and irrevocably in love with her that it’s crazy but I wouldn’t change it for a single minute.
July 11th, 2012 at 06:38am