I moved to college today.

So today was the big day. I'm an Ohio Welcome Leader (aka OWL) at Ohio State, so today I moved in three days earlier than the scheduled move in day. It has been a very emotionally taxing day, to say the least, so I'm skipping an "optional" dinner before more OWL duties start at 7.

My dorm room kind of reminds me of a prison. There are white cement walls, and I can't really hang picture frames on cement. It's frustrating, but hopefully I can find some way to work about it.

I didn't really cry as much as I thought I would. To be honest, I thought I'd be a bit of a blubbering mess. And I was very sad when I said goodbye to my cat, Jack, this morning. He's very special to me, and as he's already 12 years old, it makes me nervous knowing I probably won't see him for a few weeks.

And I did cry when I found the card that my boyfriend had hid in my laptop. I had some financial aid issues and had to come up with $1,600 for tuition in three days after the financial aid was posted and it turned out I didn't have enough. So to cut costs, I stepped my meal plan down to traditional, and Ohio State has a pretty crappy traditional meal plan. So in his sappy, sentimental card to me, Cory left me $100 in giftcards to all my favorite food places.

My room is nice. It's a triple, and since I got here first, I got to pick all the single things (bed, desk, closet).

Now I'm off to more OWL things. Gah. I can't wait till I can just sleep at 9:30. 5 AM is practically an indecent time to wake up.
August 17th, 2012 at 12:42am