31 Day Writing Challenge... #9 - And It Starts...

9. How often do you write on this story?

This question is kind of moot because I finished the story about 5-6 years ago. However it did take me about four to five months to writing it. I only as four to five months because when I start posted it I wasn't big on grammar or spell check, I still ain't (just kidding), I learning, and hopefully I'm getting better. I'm sad to say it was the only complete finished story I ever wrote. I think this was the start of my wanting to be a writer kick. I think shortly after this I start a story about a boy with the abilities to read minds. He used his power to help a friend his parents and get the girl of his dream. Its was a short story, which I might post but I must worn you I will not edit it. Mibba is also strict so it might not stay up. So, like I said this was the story I hold close to heart and I will always hold it closes to heart. Do you guys have any stories you hold to heart?

P.s. Again I'm sorry this was late I had to help out with my Aunt's adult kids again and then Mibba was being DIFFICULT about my use of the blog, I'm abusing again.

P.s.s. I don't get why you can't put a peom in your blog. I get thing has its place but peom I want to put up wasn't mine so I can't post it on peoms board and it was appropriate to the subject of the blog. This is one of the moment where I think Mibba's going a little to far.

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September 10th, 2012 at 06:46am