Let's Make It Count This Time

Hello Friends!

I want to apologize for not being around, especially to those that read my stories. Just when I think I am back on track something always has to pull me back. The worst part? I allow it to. So my life and myself are to blame for my disappearance.

I updated my stories yesterday and I am so proud of myself because I have come such a long way. Now, I didn't update them on here because they are still in editing mode, but they are turning out pretty damn well. Again, my apologies.

Life at home has been nothing but hectic and full of drama. No one has their act together and everyone is acting they are two. No exactly how I want to spend my life, because right now, I spend my days in my room or at work, because I know if I leave here something is going to happen, someone is going to say something and I am going to flip. Needless to say this is my safe spot, but I know I need to do something about that.

So I definitely miss being on here, because I need to start reminding myself that my writing helps me. It allows me to escape this world for a little while and be in some totally different world that I prefer over this one. It's like reading a book. You get lost in the book the whole time you're reading it, and it's like you're right there with the characters. When it's finished, you are brought back to reality and that's it, until you move on to another book.

That's why I need to continue this. My stories help me tell a story to others (well obviously) but sometimes they are true, or partly true or completely made up and that's the complete fun about it. So thanks guys. I'll be back a little while later to update. You guys are all awesome <3

Love Always,


P.S the most recent good part in my life is that I got engaged <3 I am so happy :) Now if I can just get rid of all the drama, it would be absolutely perfect, but other people always have to ruin something when you have a great thing going. Oh well, hopefully it'll all change soon <3
April 5th, 2013 at 05:03pm