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Bonjour, Mibba people! It's Alice! Image

I know that most of you are (fantastic) writers, and this is a writing site, haha, but I was wondering if you guys are Mibba die-hards or if maybe your affection strays from time to time to other sites. I know! Image How could I even imply that? Haha, but sometimes, you know, it's nice to keep your eyes a little open!

Mibba is number one for posting my stories, of course. I love it here and this is my lovely comfort zone. I don't really have to explain that to you guys, since I'm pretty sure we all know. Image

But recently, I stumbled upon this site from a link on tumblr. I'm sure many of you guys are familiar with Sterek (Teen Wolf, Stiles and Derek, haha) but I think it's a really adorable pairing, and when I saw this one fic receiving all this praise, I decided to check it out.

The story was amazing. Image

Everything by the author that was Sterek related I have completely devoured, hahaha. I mean full blown completed stories all in one go. I just couldn't stop. Image I mean I always thought the pairing was cute, but now I full-blown adore them, all because of this quality literature, haha.

But the story was on this site called Archive of Our Own! Which I'd never seen before, actually. It's a purely fanfiction site, I'm pretty sure, and I don't peruse around fanfiction that often so it makes sense. You sign up and a couple hours later get an "invite". It's interesting, really.

The set up is definitely different, but I'm on a craving for Sterek stories now, so I feel like I might diddle daddle around. Read some more, since the pairing isn't that popular on Mibba and I have an intense need now. Image

As far as other writing sites go, I know of Fictionpress (I didn't really like it that much), Wattpad (It seemed rather Quizilla-esque), Quizilla (as we all know xD) and And now, Archive. I don't really stray from Mibba, but this new site interests me. I might write some of my own Sterek and post it there, haha. What are your thoughts on the site if you know of it?

But onto my new story! Image

It's just a oneshot for a contest, that's due in 2 days and I haven't started... but I suddenly got really inspired to write! So that's good! It's a slash, obviously. To be honest, it's probably going to be the smuttiest thing I've ever written (I'm so virgin Image) but I'm really excited! It's about a "manly" man type guy who takes on a submissive role, I guess? c:

It's called The Big Bang Theory in My Pants. Haha, as you can tell, it's a pretty light hearted cute story. That gets a little smutty! Image

I hope you subscribe/recommend! I have to post soon anyway to make the deadline so you know I'm posting it soon!

And as far as links go, my gay fiction writing contest is always looking for more contestants?

Ah, that's about it all. Image

I think that's everything. Hope you all have a dandy night!
Au reviour! <3
April 18th, 2013 at 04:05am