Katsumi Tells All: If I Worked For WWE What I'd Do to Change It From Behind the Curtain

First I'd go on like forums and face book pages like this one, I'd look and see what the fans want ya know actually take a bit of time and read what their saying, see what they feel needs to change,of course couldn't listen to everyone.

Next I'd get rid of the Diva's title, not saying I'd do away with the ladies but they'd either be mangers or sent back to like NXT, or they'd be used for say I have ten minutes I couldn't fill with actual story then I'd use them, or do dance competitions with them like they did on Monday with FanDanGo and Kali.

I'm not hating on the ladies, I'm just saying right now their useless, most the fans (Me included) use their matches for a bathroom break, the diva's division needs work, so I'd send them back to get work done.

I'd take the belt off Cena, personally I don't think he's talented, I think he should be working behind the scene's and more with make a wish kids then hurting himself like right now he's 'injured' but still got in a ring.

I cant really say if the fact that he even is working on it, is him or wwe making him, but I know I'd take the belt off of him and give him a break he's a work horse time to let some one else who deserves it win it.

I'd give up on all these ridiculous reality shows their doing which ultimately means yes I'd give up on the WWE Network least for a few more years, now before you guys get out the touches, listen for a minute I mean has WWE learned nothing from past failures?

their doing to much at once I think just look back in the 90's when they tried this how well it worked it didn't and then their was the XFL and that was a bust and then their is WWE Studios, this was created in 2001, its produce a total of 26 films all together but six of them cant be counted be cause their only co-productions because former wrestlers where in them.

That not really good that in twelve years they've only done that, but that isn't counting the couple films slated to come out later this year. Now I want you to think of all the money their pouring in to make these films.

Now I want you to think of all the money their paying for the new Diva reality show plus they have to pay a network to air this show, not to mention their show three weekly shows, thats the things WWE needs to stop is the reality stuff and the network. So I'd keep the movie company I'd but more rights to movies, I'd keep the you tube shows but not as many as they have I'd cut that in half.
Next the brands, I'd take main even and I'd move it to around Saturdays kind of late at night, I'd get rid of the Saturday Morning Slam so the shows didn't conflict each other, I'd combine NXT and Superstars as one show making it two hours long, and I'd air it love twice a month, I already have three main brands I wouldn't need more.

I'd get rid of all this silly GM stuff, I'd make one permenate GM and thats it probably some one who couldn't wrestle anymore, like Shawn or Xpac, Road Dogg, Stone Cold, Foley ECT, they wouldn't be able to interfere or anything like that and I'd make them neutral they wouldn't be a heel or a face, so you'd really never know what to expect.

SmackDown oh boy what I would do with this show, first thing I'd do is go back to the old times, I'd add a bit more fun to it nothing stupid or ridiculous, just ya know more DX type stuff, I'd make the show fun to watch again, right now its boring and stale, so much could be done to change this.
I'd bring back the draft, I know a lot of people if you've read this far are like why wtf? But I would I mean sure guys like Orton Cena and team hell no go on both shows, but what about the other lower guys who don't have big names every time one of them shows up an announcer or some one mentions they belong to another brand.

I'd keep pushing The Shield, I'd also push Kidd, Riley, Ryder would get another shot, I'd be giving Orton a heel turn the great white would get a heel turn, I honestly switch a lot of guys, around to many to really name, and I'd give Del Rio his car back just cause he's a baby face doesn't mean he cant still come out in a car.

Sorry guys but I'd kill Fandango's gimmick, seriously I have this feeling that he's just ganna be a watered down Val Venis, I'd kill Brodus Clay's gimmick he's a big dude he should be throwing guys around and getting some good matches, I'd have Tensi go back to the A train, I'd kill 3MB's gimmick seriously Drew has some decent potential I'd test that out before he's just like fuck you guys..

Now comes the biggy and I cant believe I am saying this but I'd keep the Pg stuff, I mean its really not the root of WWE's problem, I could still curse, show some blood, so not really all that bad of a deal, and I'd keep this simply because kids make up ratings now a days this isn't the 90's any more WWE isn't just wanting to appeal to males 15-21 they want any and all fans.

Another reason I wouldn't change the rating is fans are always saying how they want the Attitude Era back, but when WWE got edgy with the whole Punk Taker and Paul Bearers death, a lot of people can handle it and let me tell you if it where the 90's that would have been a lot worse so I think I'd keep the Pg but I'd blur the lines where you wouldn't be able to tell if it where Pg or not.

And so there you have thats what all I'd do to change the WWE for the better I think it'd take a lot of time and a lot of work and thats just what I'd do not from a writers stand point, I'd do so much more from that but this is long enough as is sorry about that

April 30th, 2013 at 11:46am