What's it been - a month or so? Hey. I'm Trevor, again. Nice to meet you. Anyway, I got to talk to my boyfriends brother last night. It was the first time we've ever spoken for a full length of time in a non-confrontational or non-boyfriend/brother related manner. We spoke for around... 30 minutes? I don't know if I mentioned it in previous entries, but, for all intents and purposes, my boyfriend has a twin brother. His brother is someone we'll call Martin. Honestly, he's always been a bit of a god send in regards to his brother - whatever secrets he keeps that he thinks I should know, he informs me; whenever we have a fight, he fixes it/helps out to the best of his ability which is usually fucking immaculately done. I like him very much and for the first time last night we were able to simply be around each other without any real context. Typically he's busy or his brother is around - whom doesn't like us speaking at all. I called my boyfriend, however, he was passed out, and Martin picked up. It was surprising for me and him as well - I thought we'd just hang up and as did he, however, he didn't think the company would hurt.

It was interesting to get to know someone whom my boyfriend seems to dislike quite strongly and distrust. It was enjoyable to learn small things such as he doesn't like sweets, prefers bitterness. I'd asked him what his favorite food was and he couldn't answer me - I told him to think about it and get back to me, so, I could learn to prepare it for him. He paused and called the idea sweet. It's strange to me - he doesn't seem to interact with others very often. He's a strong character but he's vaguely awkward and I find it charming. It was also lovely to understand that, well, he doesn't completely hate me. Aha. He even forfeited taking a night walk to speak to me.

It was an interesting time. I hope I get to speak to him again soon.
June 9th, 2013 at 03:05am