Does anyone on Mibba watch Major Crimes?

Because I want to know if I'm alone in wanting Captain Sharon Raydor to go completely Mama Bear on Emma Rios. Honestly, that woman is getting under my skin in the worst way possible, I feel bad for Rusty. She's making him feel like shit for things he did before he was put in Raydor's care and it's obvious that the woman is completely capable of caring for him. He was a little shit when they met but has done a complete 180! Their relationship is sweet and it's been proven that she cares for him more than his own mother, who chose her boyfriend and conned him out of $400, and I think it's fantastic.

Ugh... This show just gives me so many feels. So many frustrating feels regarding this damn kid and his Mama Bear!

Seriously, though, Raydor is a bad bitch. She will tear into anyone who tries to lay a hair on Rusty's pretty little head! The respect I have for her is endless. The amount of love she shows that boy is just as never ending as my respect. I'm always just so blown away when she goes into Mama Bear mode.

Anyways.... How're you guys doing? My aunt isn't home anymore but she left my uncle with a nice 'FUCK YOU' of a parting gift. I love it. Perfectly sums up how she's currently feeling towards him.
June 28th, 2013 at 02:46am