Canadians, Did You Invent Nutella?

Because you seem really obsessed?

I though here in America Nutella was like the new hipster craze but, lordy, Canadians are taking it to another level.

I spent the weekend in Canada (Ontario) visiting my aunt and grandmother and I feel like every place I turned, they were selling some kind of Nutella infused food. Why are you guys so crazy about it?!

I stayed in Pickering, Ontario, which I guess is like a city within a state? (I have no idea how Canadian territories equate to American states, but I feel like that's about as close as I can get. Like Ontario is a state (like New York would be) and then Pickering is a city/town (like how Brooklyn or Yonkers would be), and if Ontario is New York, then Toronto is Manhattan, and Dundas Square would be Times Square? Is that it? I'm so confused.

This trip was pretty much hot mess central. My aunt lives out in, what I would classify as a suburban-ish area, but she doesn't drive or own a car, so getting around was a mess (literally, a bus to an outside train, to an inside train, just to get to Dundas Square), and my grandma can't walk long distances but wanted to come out with us. My aunt is a homebody to the extreme, so she didn't really want to go anywhere but she also didn't want us to go anywhere with out her.

So we literally went into Toronto, ate in the big mall, and then went back to her house. That was pretty much the event for the whole trip. Then my sister and I found a mall that we went out to which was pretty good. But other than that, we literally did nothing.

And then instead of flying back to California directly, I drove back down to New York with my mom and sister (who drove to Canada) and it took us literally 15 hours to get back home. We left around 8 on Sunday night and we got into NYC at around 11. And we'd been up since Sunday morning (around 7 - because my aunt doesn't sleep in) and holy shit, I feel like something someone shit out. But I have to get on a plane in about an hour to get home.

Never again.
May 26th, 2015 at 04:03am