The People I Appreciate on Mibba.

I have met a lot of people on here in the past few years. They've helped me through things, have made me smile, laugh, and have even made me laugh some more. Don't deny that you all thought I was going to write "cry". I know you... *stares into your soul*

And so I thought I should call you fuckers out. Because I love you guys.


^^ gif usage was literally too perfect ^^

Lachen Immer.
Gladys is my real life friend. She's been with me since our freshmen year in high school, so a little more than 8 years now! She's been with me through everything, and has been a rock for me when things have been so tough in my life. She doesn't get on Mibba anymore because I don't post as much (she was basically my only friend to know that I write online) and she's also really busy with school, bless her. She always helps me out and is there for me.

The Real Mitt Romney
I always talk with my good friend Mitt about VIXX. She's always the one who I can fangirl with over them, and that makes me sooo happy because I honestly can't do that with anyone I know besides her. She's also a total babe (have you seen her fucking pictures on here? Image ) and I aspire to be as gorgeous as her. Not only that, but she's just so fucking weird and that is the best thing anyone could ever be.

Overflowing Ashtray
Emi is a great writer and I stalk her Prince Harry fan fictions every damn day of my life. She's literally one of the only reasons I still get on Mibba. She's a sweet, sweet person and we've kind of hit it off after I spammed her comments with gifs. She's always sending me sweet little easter eggs (I guess you could call them) by mentioning places in her story that are near where I live. I definitely appreciate her kindness!

lee jung jae
NIKKI IS BAE. Just sayin'. She's always been a sweetheart to me and is just a little ball of rainbows and glitter and yoochun and changmin and jung jae. We both live in the same area - I believe, and that makes me feel like we get each other. I also love helping her see new dramas! If I could, I would have taken her with me to see TVXQ so she could run up to Yunho and Changmin and bask in their sex.

park chanyeol
Carese is someone that I really admire. She's so independent, a great writer, and is someone who is just so responsible. I'm not any of those - so yeah! Plus, she's helped me so much by talking to me about all things k-pop related. She's written me two great one-shots and I just can't thank her enough for talking to me!

She Said Poptarts
Calli is one of the sweetest, cutest people on this freaking site. She's sooo nice and friendly, and I wish I was as talented as her on Photoshop and Gimp and all those other programs. She's a great person, and is uber adorable. She's honestly, pretty much, Mibba Royalty because she's just so well known (in my own opinion, of course). And for a split moment, we traded usernames and I felt super special being known as She Said Poptarts. I FELT ALL THE POWER. Image

But these are just a few people that I appreciate. I know there are more out there, but I just was too tired to go searching because it's five in the morning... and I need sleep.

Major shoutout goes to Mibba though, for allowing me to meet all these wonderful people that I'm thankful have been/are now part of my life.
May 26th, 2015 at 02:10pm