Stairway to Heaven.

I just got home from work , my dad picked me up. I love my dad he's the best.

Stairway to Heaven was on the radio the whole way home and he informed me that he is 'the best air-steering-wheelist' in the world. He also told me that they are getting back together for one show, for some charity thing in London. It sounds really cool, he said I have to find it on youtube for him when it's out.

Then when we pulled in the drive way the radio goes 'and to win a James Blunt CD..." and I go "I WANT IT". Dad goes what and I said the CD, he said "eww no you don't" I was like "yeah your right.

In other news I got my shoes for the formal, I am wearing them right now. I have to practice walking in them because I am a boy and can't walk in high shoes very well.

It's my sisters birthday party tonight- Laser Skirmish, she stole the idea off me and my friends because we do it all the time. I think Shal is coming so it should be alright.
October 20th, 2007 at 03:03pm