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Hi, all!

I've been starting a couple of new stories when I probably shouldn't. I also finished my story, Haunting Grey, after apparently 2 years of working on it. I didn't even realize it had been that long until I checked the information on it.

If anyone remembers the story Avidity that I wrote a few years ago, and the two sequels after it, I need to finish the last story in that trilogy. It's been a long time since I updated, but I need to finish it. I'll try to do that.

Here is one of my newest story - What She Found

Hayden Boswell is attacked in her home following a break in. Afterward, she meets Detective Reese Danvers, who is determined to find the person responsible.

What they find, however, changes everything.


Parker Fox is part of a paranormal group known as Sleepers, and she has the ability to see things others don't.

When she taps into the mind of a man and the missing girl he's taken, she knows she needs to do something, even if it means risking exposure.

Then one of their own is murdered, and everything changes. Parker wants answers, but the deeper she digs, the more dangerous it becomes for her and everyone else.

Both killers are closer than she realizes, and if Parker isn't careful, she may be the next victim.


Recommend me stories: mystery, crime, thriller, horror - original only.



What are you reading on here right now?

What is your favorite genre to read on here?

What story (or stories) are you working on?

Who are some of your favorite authors?
February 23rd, 2018 at 04:34pm