How Annoying is this `friend` of mine?

This girl who i've known since we was about two...How can i put this nicely...I hate you, I hate evrything about you, your stupid jokes that are not even funny and you crack up for no reason, the way you talk to me is...its like your american! stop it! You think that the whole world revolves around you and you dont even think about your family for god sake!

1. Boyfriend
Why the fuck are you going out with him if you never do anything together? there is no point!
He never gives you anything except that little thing on valentines day! You never even look at eachothers eyes! you have never even kissed!

2. Friends
Why cant i be with your friend? shes not just yours! your not her puppet! or she might be hers! you hacked her account on stardoll and has been saying mean things and you have just accepted it! she never even changed your password? yea i must admit i do hug her a couple of times but shes not your so keep!

3. Me
have you got a problem with me? Have i done anything wrong? then why do you keep giving me evils for no reason? i just cant take all these looks you give me!

4. clothes
why cant you wear something sensible in your life? you always look like a tart and you already have a boyfriend! yea all the boys fancy you but dont dress up like a girl from tart land! everyone else thinks your so pretty and so hottt but really.... your not!

why do you keep calling me horrible names on msn? its only cuz the 1 whos `your` slept over and you have been mean ever since!why are you so mean on msn but ur too afraid to say it in person? there was no reason to call me freak, bitch, loser and all that!

well thankyou everyone for reading this and comments would be nice... you know...just to help me boost...thanks! byee!

April 10th, 2008 at 10:49pm