He likes me! oh my freaking god! Im a witch!!

I was talking to Matt a couple days ago. He told me he liked me, and I told him I liked him back, I explained everything, but now he's flirting with me and Mello is jealous!

Apparently Mello is jealous because I've always liked him(and what a cute blondie he is!Had to, sorry. Matt had brown hair for those interested.) and for over two years, now I might like someone else (mom says) Mello is jealous of him.

Mello doesnt like me(i dont think.) and he tells me that a lot. Ive always lied saying that I dont like him either, but i really do, and i think i like matt to, I feel like a bitch. because i know two other guys who like me and its so confusing!

Mello is jealous because(mom says) he likes having a fangirl. I think that Maybe hes jealous because he likes me. IIm hopeful, maybe if hes jealous he likes me? Mom says if I was really 'just a friend' to him, he'd be happy to think i wouldn't like him. Mom says hes either not a good friend of he likes me back. I dont want to hurt anyone.


In other news, after a lot of researching, Ive started casting spells. its worked a lot for me, Ive discovered im telepathic, and I can break through my insomnia and put myself to sleep. Ive started into black magic, Ive cursed a couple people already. only the people I hate who made me suicidal. Im thinking of a special black magic spell to conjure the devil. bbecause I hate those people so much. I dont think ill do it, im kind of scared because it warns that people who have tried the spell with not enough experience wind up possesed by the one theyre trying to conjure. At least, thats what it warns for conjuring and summoning the dead and all they wind up getting possesed or haunted. It also says that summoning lucifer without any hate will backfire on me.
August 14th, 2008 at 09:31pm