Dear Body...

Feet. I'm happy you're not big, so I don't need to keep buying new shoes. And i'm glad you're not flat either, because I don't stand so much:) But I still have the stitches on my right one and I don't like them:(

Legs. I'm so glad you can walk! I don't have skinny awesome legs, but you look okay to me:D But why can't you run faster! You always get tired during mass runs

Stomach. You're too fat. It's obviously because I always stuff you with food, and never try to lose any weight. And, I never do sit ups, so i'm probably not that surprised:)

Arms. I'm glad you're not too long, so I don't look like a monkey. But maybe if you were a little longer, I would not have to keep getting up and bending down to get back the stuff I constantly drop on the floor.

Hands. You're awesome. I never get bored when playing the keyboards. As for my handwriting, I would rather have a terrible letters than perfectly normal ones. Its so cool, I can highlight stuff with my left hand and write with my right one at the same time:)

Face. You're too round. It makes me look so chubby. Mother always said you would not always be, and as I grow older, it would not be that round. But you still are!

Mouth. You talk too much. TOO MUCH. And, you never stop talking. I also have the wierdest silent laugh in the world.

Nose. Its good you're not too big, but I always get the flu. And I sneeze awfully loudly and unglamourously.

Eyes. Panda eyes are so irritating. You're too sunken, and short sighted. I've tried everything, teabags, cucumbers, but panda eyes never ever go away. they're obviously heriditary, but still

Hair. You're too messy. And too messy. Probably because whenever i'm outdoors the wind always blows and messes you up. But i'll rather have messy hair than hair that is limp and lifeless.

Ears. thank you for not being too big, or too small. Without you, I can't listen to my favourite bands, like Marilyn Manson.

August 17th, 2008 at 06:53am