Jesus save me, I'm missing you so badly.
I need you to come back to me, you being gone makes my heart panic.
I can't deal with the withdrawal, I'm so addicted to you.
I need your words to taunt and caress me.
My heart doesn't beat with out your icy finger forcing my blood to pump.
Right atrium, right ventricle, left atrium, left ventricle.
I'm standing here, waiting for you to reappear, to materialize in front of my eyes.
I need you to be here, to hear me scream your name when the nightmares come seeking me.

I guess I wasn't worth staying for.
You and dozens others, walking away, tall and proud.
Like you had nothing to lose, like I wasn't even worth the goodbye.
It's like I'm worthless in the eyes of millions,
Just a little girl in a hurry to grow up.
A little girl with no way out, stuck like a lab rat in a maze.
A hopeless little girl with everything lost, and waiting for you.