My Desire

My desire to bleed
It’s setting me free
Making me run and leave

Because you’re not what I need anymore
I’m not going to sit and cry on the floor
I’m walking out the door
That’s right I’m leaving you, you whore.

The cold wind hits my face
I’m going to my parents place
I hear your footsteps
As after me you chase

I break out in a run
This really isn’t much fun
I can’t take this anymore
Bang Bang Bang as your feet hit the floor.


I do as I’m told
And me you hold
Pulling me closer
Closer, too far

Let me go
Please let me go

I see it then
And then I freeze
The lights reflects off the metal
And you grin, some kind of mental

I beg you to stop
Please baby don’t
It’s like your deaf
Oh no I’m going to be dead

The blade breaks my skin
My desire, my desire has been met
Oh babe this I won’t forget.

You take away the blade
And your tongue takes its place
I knew you’d come round
And now my weakness you had found

A bit of tough love was all it took
I held your hand as we both shook.