Not your fault

No one home,
I'm home alone,
People may surround me,
I couldn't care less,
In this always-vague reality.
But I am alone,
I pick it up,
Drape it around,
My neck and shoulders,
I do a twirl,
Step up on a chair,
Pose for my imaginary cameras,
I feel pretty,
And stupid,
For having a moment,
Of pure pretend,
So I jump down.
Weeks later,
Mommy comes home,
Sees the sign I made,
Still hanging by a string,
And screams.
What did she do wrong?
She cries.
People come,
And take me away.
You didn't do any wrong,
I'm so sorry Mom,
No blame is yours to be had,
The sign says:
'It's because of Dad'.