Don't Regret Your Life.

My name is Lisa
Today I was killed
By a murderer
This is my story:

I was walking home from school
Thinking my life should end
I wish that I would just die
So I wouldn’t suffer
This pain is too much I thought
When I got home I sensed something was wrong
I went to the bathroom
I saw blood everywhere in the bathtub filled to the brim
I was shocked
I was scared
I went into my mom’s room
She was dead
Sprawled on her bed,
A knife though her heart
I saw all the blood she lost
I went into my dad’s room
He was in the closet
Body lying on the floor
Head beside it.
I stumbled into my sister's room
She was on the floor;
Full of blood.
She had been beaten to death
I went into my brother’s room
He had tried to fight
He lost.
With a gun to his head
And a knife in his heart

I knelt on the floor,
Silent tears pouring down my face
I went into my room, half blinded my tears
I saw the killer
Waiting for me on my bed
All he said was
“I’m so sorry but you must die.”
I woke up here
In heaven
Not knowing what to think or feel
I saw my family
How happy they were in heaven.

I wish that everything didn’t go wrong
I wish that we hadn’t died
I wish we could have started over
But now our lives are over
Hello, my name is Mary this is my story
Never regret your life
You never know when it may come true.