Up Holding Tower

Strong pillar
Who must not fall
Yet, crumbles inside
Beacon of light
But has only inner darkness
Of confusion
Certain of others path
This one is lost
Following truth or lies?
Which is it?
Belief in freedom
Has long since been stricken
Reality forgotten
Delusion a remembered dream
There’s no way
To gain certainty
Trying to erase
A future fall
Insert legacy
Make a change
All these goals and plans
Yet no way to carry them out
Prefect picture to
Those who look afar
Though an inner storm
Rages on
A broken puzzle
Stand strong
Carry on
Forced unwanted actions
Overwhelming dread
This is getting nowhere!
Just carry on
Wait for time’s unraveling
Patients again!
Outraged anger!
At the constant same old song!
Calm down and wait
Once more shoved to the side
Over blessed but overburdened
How time takes its time
Making the pace
Hard to be quicken
Rise over this
To be knocked back down
Core foundations
Shaking violently
Rest in understanding
Though all is lost