Cry Quietly, Don't Talk to Strangers.

As we get older, we learn lots of things:
The world is a danger,
Wear your seatbealt and
Don't talk to strangers.

Everyone is the main character
Of their own story,
But a lot of people decide theirs is everybody's.
We don't care.

A lot of people also will tell you what to do.
They won't ask nicely.
If you don't pay, they shut off your lights.
That's the way it works.

You learn to cry quietly,
Because if you don't, people ask questions,
And it's not always easy to put your feeling into words.
Sometimes tears do just fine for you.

You learn that ignorance is indeed bliss,
And you can't un-know something
Unless you hit yourself hard enough.
Then you unknown everything.

It's important to be smart and funny and pleasant,
But one slip up is all people will remember about you.
It's important to be yourself, since people will like you for you.
As long as "you" are just like them.

Lastly, you'll learn that in order to learn all these things,
You have to learn them the hard way.
Through pain, embarrassment, anger, deppression, and guilt.
It's your choice how to deal with it from there.