How To Love Your Soul Mate

Look at a thousand million faces
Crowding busty streets and bars and
Small-town sidewalks that
Lead to nowhere.
Look, and find the one
That glows, has a halo on their head,
And then be swept away.
A glance will push you hard
Down a hole filled with stars and heat
And burning something that
Produces smoke like incense.
Don't let them go,
Follow them, feel them,
Twist and shout for joy
Inside your quiet face that
Sits in the corner window of the coffee shop.
Smile at them and show them
The tangled world of your affections
And, importantly, your afflictions.
Hold their hand and dance to spinning waltzes
In an empty room filled with space and air and silence.
Love them.
Prove that your heart beats
Only for them, always for them
And connect your mind to
Their soul and don't let yourself
Be torn from their eyes.
Let them pull you into the
Fast-flowing stream of emotion
an love and sorrow that is life.
Never let go of their hand,
But let go of your everything.
Let the elemental rawness
Strip you of everything but each other.
Endure, outlast, connect, communicate, share,
Feel and express
All the pain and joy and twisting
Butterflies in your stomach.
Love them.