Lips That Need No Introduction

Chapter 1

"I'm going to miss you." His hand rubbed against my cheek and wiped away a stray tear that had escaped. "Don't fall apart too much on me." His chuckle echoed through the crisp early morning air.

"I'll try not to. The girls are still here with me so I think I'll be alright. Not to mention I get to come out and see you in about a month." I forced a smile but he saw right through it. His arms wound around my waist and pulled me tightly into his chest. More tears escaped and landed on his black Misfits shirt.

"I'm going to miss you Zack." I felt his lips press against my forehead before he pulled my head away into his hands.

"Me too hun. I promise I'll call everyday." I numbly nodded before I gave him a final passionate kiss on the lips.

I sniffed as we pulled away and he turned before heading up the steps of the tour bus that sat in the parking lot of the studio.

The first day of tour was never fun for the girls I imagined. Thankfully for them they knew how it went and what to expect. This being my first time, well let's just say I was rather a wreck. I stood beside Val as the bus pulled away and I watched it turn out of the parking lot before it became lost to my vision.

"I hate this." I mumbled as she pulled me toward the cars. Thankfully for me, Zacky and I had ridden with Matt and Val. I had a feeling Zacky knew I wouldn’t be able to drive home in such shape.

"I know hun. But hey, now we get some girl time and before you know it it’ll be time to go out and see them on the road." I envied her ability to keep it together. I guess after awhile you get used to them being gone. But I was still in the stages of getting used to having a husband at home.

Zacky and I had been married for three months already. It seemed so short to me. Three months and now he was gone for another couple with the guys.

Part of me worried about what all went on while on tour. Zacky had yet to have a tour where he had a wife at home waiting for him. I crossed my fingers that nothing bad would happen, mainly that he would find someone else. He had assured me countless times that that simply wasn't even possible yet I still had the question marks floating around in my head.

When you're married to a rock star there is always that small nagging voice that just goes 'what if' all of the time. He could easily find someone else, or even just realize that he misses being able to bring random girls back to the bus.

To be honest, the thought of Zacky and the guys on tour scared me. I knew there would be endless amounts of drinking and while that was always present in our every day lives I knew it would be worse on the road. I had never seen Zacky completely wasted out of his mind but I knew it would happen. I just hoped the guys would all keep each other in line.

"I know what you're thinking." Val stated as we got onto the freeway and started the hour journey home. "You don't need to worry about that Katie. I was the same way on the guys' first tour that I didn't go on. It all works out. Not to mention I have never seen Zacky so committed before. If the ring on his finger isn't enough of a reminder I'm sure Matt's fist will be." I smiled knowing she was right.

The ride home held a lot of tears for me. Val tried to engage me in casual conversation but I really wasn't with it too much.

"And you'll be over around five correct?" She questioned as I climbed out of the car once we had pulled into our driveway.

"Yes. I'll be over then." I promised. Apparently the first night of every tour all of the girls get together for a sleep over night at Matt and Val's house. It sort of helped to keep everyone's mind off of them being gone. I just hope it would help mine.

I waved goodbye before entering the house. Ichabod came running up to me as I set my purse down on the floor and peeled off my sweatshirt that I had yet again stolen from Zacky. Leaning down I picked the black fur ball up off of the ground and carried him upstairs with me. It was quiet and felt oddly empty as I entered our room. I set Ichy down and he padded over to his bed where he laid down quickly.

I looked to the bed where the evidence remained from what would be our last romantic night for awhile. The sheets were a mess and there were a few rose petals scattered around on the floor. I sighed as I grabbed a blanket and pulled the duvet back across the bed before climbing on top and laying the blanket on top of me to keep warm. I turned and took Zacky's pillow from his side of the bed. I snuggled up into it and inhaled deeply, already missing his smell.

A few tears fell onto his pillow as I clutched it harder into my chest. I felt the weight of the bed shift some and looked up to see Ichabod had jumped up, something he was never allowed to do if Zacky was here. He snuggled up against me and licked my cheek. His ears fell and I ran a hand across his black fur.

"It's alright Ichy. We'll make it. I know we will."


Val's door flew open later that evening and I was pulled into the house by Michelle. I set Ichabod on the ground and he instantly went in search of Bella and Pinkly to play with.

"How are you holding up?" She asked as she led me into one of the guest bedrooms that I put my duffle bag into.

"I'm alright. Been better. The house has never been so quiet for so long before. I took a nap this afternoon with Ichabod. I just miss him and the thought of him being gone for so long makes me cry. Some wife I am, can't even hold the fort down while he's gone." She gave me a sympathetic look as we entered the kitchen to where Val was sitting with Lacey and Leana.

"You'll be alright. It just takes some time to get used to. But I doubt you'll be alone for long. We all tend to pop over at each other's houses and always end up staying the night most of the time. We girls have to stick together while the men are away having fun." I nodded as I sat down and a mug of coffee was placed in front of me. I gave Leana a smile before taking a sip.

"It's just so quiet. Zacky's anything but quiet around the house." They all laughed as I rolled my eyes. I hated to admit it but I think I might even get to the point where I miss his obnoxious singing in the shower. Although he does have a killer voice, something not many fans know, he sings off pitch just to annoy me.

"Alright girls, who's up for margaritas and a killer movie?" Val asked as she stood up from her seat. We all agreed and stood up to help her out. As she pulled out the blender I started laughing slightly as a memory came back to me.

"Hey Val, be sure you remember to put the lid on." Her eyes widened as she turned and started laughing along with me.

"Oh shit I totally forgot about that!" I busted up remembering the time she and I had come home to find the guys covered in margarita mix after having forgotten to put the lid on. I don't think I could forget that day if I tried.

Val poured us each a glass and I ventured my way into the living room where I sat on the couch with a blanket. Just as I was getting settled in for the movie I heard a familiar ringing coming from the other room. I set my drink down and hurried to the pocket of my purse that my phone resided in.

The name on the screen made a grin instantly appear on my face.

"Hey Zack."

"Hello gorgeous. How are you holding up?" His voice was smooth yet he sounded tired too. I knew they didn't have a show tonight but I imagine things had been hectic trying to sort out the last minute details.

"I'm alright. I miss you like crazy and it hasn't even been a full day yet."

"Same here. I miss having someone warm to cuddle with at night. My bunk is lonely."

"You mean Brian isn't fulfilling his duties?" I chuckled lightly and could see the glare that Zacky was probably giving the roof of his bunk right now.

"Babe Brian doesn’t have shit on you." I could vaguely hear Brian complaining in the background asking why his name was mentioned.

"Shut the fuck up Gates!" Zack yelled back. "Anyway, I just wanted to call and say good night before I fall asleep. I miss you."

"I miss you too Zacky. Thanks for calling. Have a good show tomorrow alright? Knock 'em all dead." As much as I didn’t want to hang up I could head the sleep in his voice.

"I will. Love you hun."

"Love you too babe. Good night."

I heard the dial tone after he said one more goodbye and sighed as I shut my phone.

This was going to be a long few months.
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and so here starts the 2nd great adventure that is Zack and Katie's marriage. mwahaha.
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