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Take It Like A Man.

Introduction to Steve and Sloan

Steve McGarrett ambled stiffly into the Hawaii five-0 task force building. He was greeted by his best friend, Danny Williams who offered him coffee with an outstretched arm. Steve took the coffee from him and put his lips to the rim of the cup. The nice, hot cup of fresh coffee running down his throat felt awakening after the restless sleep the night before.

"So how's the insomnia coming along?" Danny started in between sips of his latte breaking the silence. "You seem a little edgy today."

"Yeah, well you're not the one who's sleep deprived. Better yet, you're the one causing it." McGarrett's tone became stern.

"It's not my fault!" replied Danny. "You're just a light sleeper."

Danny had been staying at Steve's house for 3 weeks now while he searched for a new apartment. He complained about how the crashing waves were more annoying than relaxing and insisted on keeping the t.v on all night long to mask the sound.

"I'm not even going to start this today. Let's get to work" Steve finished in his usual direct tone.

Sloan Enora strutted briskly and promptly down the narrow white-paneled hallway of the CIA agency. She sported her pure black jump suit completed with her gun holster belt and radio headset. She obviously just returned from a mission.
Delia, her assistant, scurried over to her, almost tripping in her 3 inch heals and spilling the scorching hot coffee on her bare legs. Annoyed at the reprehensible Delia, she swiped the travel mug out of her assistant's clumpy wrist and took a sip. Straight black, just the way she likes it.
Sloan lowered her mug to the table of the conference room she arrived in and ordered Riley, a CIA operative to review the suspects in custody of the Duct-taped killings of Hawaii.

"Edgar Fletcher. Charged in sexual molestation of a ten year old girl twenty years ago. He was just recently released three months back." Riley stutters uncontrollably.
"He's been wanted for break in ans robbery ever since the day he was released from federal prison. He's our leading suspect." He continued.

"And the other two?" Sloan's partner and fellow agent Luka questioned cautiously.

Riley paused and heaved a sigh. He knew what was coming.

"Alexander Tunderek... and Steve McGarrett."
Sloan's hope fell and she looked away. Unfortunatly, Luka and Riley's eyes were already on her.
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