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Safe and Sound


The sound of a slap resonated in the study, signifying that flesh had met flesh in at dangerously high speeds, with incredible force behind it. Yaxley fell to the ground, biting back a cry of pain as Voldemort leaned over him, his rage filling the room, almost bursting through the cracks with it’s power.

Yaxley was shaking on the ground as he righted himself, a red handprint staining his white, pasty cheek, where Voldemort’s hand had struck him. I myself stood rigid and silent in the corner of the study, Draco and Lucius at my sides, watching as Voldemort raged in the study of Malfoy manner.

“He was right in your hands!” Voldemort hissed, his voice a quite danger. He wasn’t screaming, which was the scary part of it all. When he got the cold, dark tone, was when it was scary. “And you let him slip through your fingers like sand! Imbecile! You are not worthy of the tasks that I give you!”

“My-my lord-“

“Enough!” Voldemort leaned low, sneering with his snake-like face at the man on the ground. “A little girl held better control of the ministry than you did! You have failed me Yaxley. Potter’s own sister completely her task and cleaned up the mess you made.”

“I’m so sorry,” Yaxley sobbed, bowing his head. I could practically smell the fear coming off of him; it was like a horrid smelling cologne. “I have failed you, I swear I shall never fail you again!”

“I know you won’t,” Voldemort said, almost distantly as he stood. “Because if you do, you won’t live to fail me again. Now get out of this house before I decide I am no longer feeling fond of you.”

Yaxley scrambled out of the study. No one in the room moved, waiting for Voldemort to speak to one of us, or to leave. One never spoke first in his presence, a lesson that was instilled in all of us.

The black cloak on Voldemort’s shoulders trailed on the ground as he paced back and forth, his gait smooth and silky like a serpent. It made my skin crawl, to see him so inhuman, especially because I had been so close to losing all sense of my humanity.

“Reagan,” he called, not looking at me. I stepped forward, bowing my head in respect, though I wished I could lash out and attack him. I was beginning to hate him more than anything in the entire world. “I am gladdened, that you have gone above and beyond what is expected of you.”

“Thank you, My Lord. I only do it to ensure your plans are carried out.”

Voldemort turned around, his sneer making my spine straighten out a little bit. There was no reason for him to be looking at me with such vehemence, especially when I had done my job. “Or do you work so hard to prove something? He questioned, tilting his head at me. He began pacing again, and my eyes followed him. “Do you work so hard to prove you are not loyal to you brother, to ensure his safety? Or do you truly despise him that much? I’m not sure.” I didn’t answer, not sure if he was asking a question. “Speak!”

“My lord,” I said slowly, making sure he heard every syllable, and that every single one of my words was strong and confident. “I do not know my brother, I have never known my brother, and I do not wish to. Harry Potter has brought me nothing in my life, he has done nothing for me. You have given me life and purpose, and you have taught me much there is to know.

“If there is anything that I am trying to prove, it is my worth. For years I have been doubted for my lineage, and ability. Why should I be doubted, when I have proved myself over and over again, to be superior to those who look down on me. If that is a crime, you are most welcome to punish me, my lord.”

Voldemort started at me with his evil eyes, no hint of what he was thinking available on his face. The silence stretched on and I could tell he was reaching his mind out to test me, to see if my words were truth or lies.

Out of nowhere, Voldemort began laughing. It had started out as a chuckle and grew in volume, the sneer leaving his face, surprise and amusement- which was rare- replacing it. He stretched out his arm to me, as if showing me off.

“I’ve always said that if half of my death eaters spoke as you, we would have won this war long ago,” he said, looking at me. I held the breath of relief, not wanting to show that I had been nervous. “You have a way with words Reagan Potter, so much so that I cannot see truth from lie. But you are right, you have proven your worth. You may go- and you as well Draco. Lucius will remain here, we need to speak of taking action.”

I bowed low, though I hated to be so near the ground for one so pathetic, so unworthy. I stood once more, keeping my face smooth as glass. “Thank you for your words of praise. Until you need me.”

I turned and walked out of the room, Draco joining my side. He didn’t even bat an eyelash as he opened the door for me, but before I could get all the way through it, the snake-like voice called out, “And Reagan?” I turned to face Voldemort, who was staring at me. “If for some reason, I ever doubt your allegiance…”

Voldemort never finished his sentence, his eyes drifting over to the boy at my side. His threaten didn’t need to be uttered out loud. It was clear in his words, that if I ever messed up, even if it had nothing to do with my brother, that he would kill the boy at my side. He would kill the one person in the world that I loved, the one person that meant the most to me.

“Yes, my lord.”

Outside of the study, I looked at Draco, fear creeping into my heart. His blue eyes found mine, and though he said nothing, and did not touch me, I knew that he was reaching his heart out to mine, to allay my fears. He believed we could do it, that we could make it through.

Draco and I moved upstairs, both of us remaining silent and apart from one another. We kept the affection completely out of sight when we were outside of our rooms, for the very reason that Voldemort had threatened him. We did not want to look weak, though we were each others greatest weaknesses.

Inside of Draco’s room, I shut the door behind me, running to him and burying my face in his chest. I felt the strong muscles underneath the shirt, smelled his familiar scent reminding me of how much I loved him.

Draco’s arms held me tight to him, his body radiating warmth. I felt safe in his arms, and I clung to that, clung to the idea that we could be safe one day. All I wanted was for all of this to be over, to be able to have Draco hold me in his arms forever.

“We’ll be okay,” he whispered, his breath tickling my ear. I hadn’t realized a tear escaped my eye until that moment. “I love you, and whether I must love you in this life or the next, it doesn’t matter. I will always love you.”

“Do not say such things,” I whispered, voice shaking. I pressed my ear against his chest, hearing his heartbeat. “Do not talk about us like that, Draco, not like we’re some tragedy bound for doom.”

He laughed without humor. “But aren’t we, my love?”

Rage rolled in my heart, but not for the boy I was clinging to. Rage rolled in my heart for someone downstairs, dark and menacing, who knew nothing of life and knew nothing of love. Maybe if he understood what love was, he would understand the things I would do to save Draco, the things Harry would do to save those he loved.

“No,” I whispered, shaking my head against his chest. “We’re the force that will end the darkness.”


Red lipstick stained my wine glass as I sipped my drink, my eyes scanning the room. The party I was attending was in full swing, wizards and witches moving around me, unaware of who I was, or what my relation to the hosts was. In fact, I did not even known who the hosts were- I just had a job to do.

The feathers on my down moved with me as I began to move across the room, silent and predatory. I was aware that many eyes were on me that night, mostly male. I knew that in a house full of purebloods, my dark looks and queenly grace was attractive to single males in the party.

A hand snaking around my waist threw away those gazes immediately and my red lips curled in a smile at their downcast eyes. None of them would dared continuing to stare at me while Draco’s hand was around my waist, claiming me as his own.

“Did you have to dress so beautifully?” he teased in my ear as we made our way to the dance floor. He spun me around to face him, taking my hand delicately, his other hand firmly on my waist. “I’ve got it in my mind to give these blokes a right good punch to the gut, the way they look at you.”

MY lip twitched in a smile as I scanned the room, dancing lithely with Draco. “I was told formal, so I dressed formally,” I replied innocently, knowing he really did want to kill anyone who looked at me. “And maybe your mother gave me the dress.”

“Of course she did,” he chuckled, shaking his head fondly. “My mother would give you anything you ask. I believe she has it in her mind that you’re her daughter.”

My eyes found Draco, seeing the light in his eyes as he talked about his mother. “She is the only mother I’ve ever known. I’m thankful to the end of my days for her. And she brought me you.”

Draco smiled, the first real smile I had seen since his life was threatened a week ago. It was obvious he was enjoying the banter between us, and so was I. “I suppose I was a great gift,” he concluded, pretending to sound arrogant; it didn’t take too much pretending. “After all, I have impeccable taste in clothes, I am astoundingly handsome, and I have riches beyond belief.”

“Yes,” I murmured sarcastically. “I would just be a fool not to fall for that snarky show of arrogance, hmm?”

“Isn’t that what drew you to me in the first place?”

I laughed. “Of course not.”

“So what did?”

“Your eyes,” I answered honestly, pausing as he swept me out and then back in again. I tried to ignore the glances we were getting; Draco and I were practiced in dancing. “You have the most beautiful eyes in the world, did you know that? They’re like a frozen lake when it reflects the sky, blue yet something about them is grey.”

Draco leaned forward, placing a kiss at the corner of my mouth, as to not smudge my lipstick. I was thankful. “I was attracted to the way you carried yourself,” he whispered, breath against my ear. IT sent shivers down my spine, and it took everything in my power not to fall weak in his arms. “You had no home and no family, and yet you had this brilliance in your eyes and swing to your step. You would take nothing from no one, and you were so wonderfully confident.”

“What was I supposed to do? I was in a house of strangers. I couldn’t cower now, could I?”

“I suppose not.”

Silence fell between us as the song ended. We separated and clapping for the band, my eyes scanning the floor. I saw the man that we were at the party for, and glancing at the clock, decided it was time. Draco saw my line of sight and nodded once.

“Shall we?”

I nodded and began to glide towards the man, a smile on my face as I did so. I knew my smile was tantalizing, and my voice came out like honey as I called, “Mr. Ollivander.”
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Regan's Gown

What could Reagan and Draco possibly want with Mr. Ollivander? Also, I'm watching The Goblet of Fire right now, and I'm just blown away over and over again at how well Ralph Finnes commands the role of Voldemort in that very first scene we meet him in the grave yard. Seriously, when Voldie first opens his eyes? Gives me chills every time!