Sequel: Folie à Deux

From Under the Cork Tree


I didn't hear from Pete for two weeks, and by then I was working on the set of Avenged Sevenfold's new video. I was put off by all the woman around, but I did my job. When I was on break, I had talked to Beatz, and just as we hung up, That sexy fucker from fob popped up on my screen; I had forgotten about that, and I laughed.

"Hello Pete," I chuckled.

"Already laughing! I'm doing something right! How are you, gorgeous?" He sounded happy and just as amused as I had left him.

"What did I say about calling me anything but Angelus?" I muttered shortly.

"Hey, it's the truth!"

"I'm gonna have Beatz kick your ass if you don't knock that shit off," I threatened.

Pete giggled like a child, "Hey! He's older and way taller than me! That's not fair."

"Well, don't get your ass in shit you can't handle. Now, what did you call me for?"

"I'm just callin' to say hi, and if you and Beatz wanted to hang out. Our album drops in a few days, we're having a release party in City Walk, bunch of people we know will be there, and I wanted to invite you and him. Andy already asked Rae, and she said yes."

I hummed, "Beatz is still on tour on the east coast, so I don't think I'll go. I'm not fun at parties."

"Well, neither am I," I knew that idiot was smiling. "Just come hang, we can be wallflowers and get toasted."

"Toasted? Are you from New York?"

"Nah, I'm from Chicago. Why?"

I sat down at my makeup station, "Beatz and his friends say toasted, just thought it was a New York/east coast thing."

"It's a universal slang thing, Angel. Now, will I be seeing you at the party?"

"No," I answered. "I don't wanna go."

"Oh, c'mon! It'll be fun!"

"I don't do fun," I murmured. "Especially not at parties."

"I'll be there, we'll have fun," he chuckled, "just come, it'll There'll be a lot of famous faces, you'll fit in."

"Famous faces? What makes you think I fit in with famous people?"

"You look famous, and you work with them."

I rolled my eyes, "I don't look famous, and yeah, I work with "famous people" but that doesn't mean I know them."

"Then come to get to know them!" He exclaimed, "Please? It'll be fun," he said for the umpteenth time.

I sighed, "Geez, Pete, I'll see."

"I won't stop bugging you, you know," he laughed.

"Oh, I know," I scoffed. "I'll think about it, okay?"

"Great, I'll see you soon."

Without a goodbye, Pete hung up. I shook my head, shoving my phone in my pocket before motioning over the next girl in skimpy clothes waiting to get her makeup on.

I returned home that night to my mom at my apartment cleaning up and feeding Cupid. I wasn't upset, she often did this; we live in a duplex, my parents apartment was underneath mine, they had their own dogs, and they went for walks a lot, or visit friends. My dad works from home as an entertainment lawyer, and my mom has a garden in the back that she tends to when things are quiet. Most of the time, she's always making sure Cupid, myself, and my apartment are taken care of. My dad goes grocery shopping for me and Beatz; he hates the sweet tooth I have.

"Hey," my mom greeted when I walked in, "you're home late."

"Yeah, it was a really, really long shoot," I exasperated, setting my bag down; Cupid came rushing and bouncing and pawing at my legs. "Ooh, I missed you too, Cupy!"

I picked him up, nudging my mom from picking up the vacuum cleaner, "I need to vacuum," she said.

"Mom, no you don't, it's clean," I plopped on the couch.

"It is not clean," she muttered, shaking her head, "I can't believe how much of a pig you are; I didn't raise you that way."

I laughed, "You always cleaned for me, so I never had to."

"Well you should now," my mom began to pull her dark blonde hair up in a loose bun, "you've got a man of you has to be clean."

"Beatz is a pig too, sorry mom."

She just laughed and shook her head, "Fine. I won't vacuum, but you've got to come down for dinner in an hour."

"Sure thing, I just needa shower and change."

My mom came over to me, kissed the top of my head and then left my apartment. I exhaled, grabbing the remote and turning on the TV, absentmindedly petting Cupid. As some reality show played, I started to think about Pete inviting me to his album release party; I'm not big on partying, but free booze is free booze.

I figured I could go, since Rae would be there, and I wouldn't be alone. I just felt like Pete's motives were more than just wanting to be friends. At the same time, he didn't seem like he was trying too hard to get my attention, he was like a kid with a new toy, than a boy with a girlfriend.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt," I said to myself, scratching Cupid between his ears.

He whimpered happily and nuzzled his snot into my arm.

"I love you too," I giggled.


Rae and I were off from work for a week, so, when the party rolled around, she came, slept over and then hung out until it was time to get ready. She was wearing this cute green dress with black skulls and black lace trim. Her hair was done up, her tattoos were visible, but she slipped on a sweater.

I had done out makeup; I was having trouble picking out something wear. I ushered around my room in my red underwear and red bra. Rae sat on my bed, texting Andy, "He says not to rush, they haven't even showed up yet."

"I know, but I can't find anything nice worth wearing," I muttered. "I don't wanna look too good, but I don't wanna look too casual."

Rae sighed, getting up and pulling me from my closet, "Sit, I'll find you something lovely."

I smiled and did as she said; just as I had, my phone rang. I knew it must've been Beatz, or Pete. I was happy to see it was Beatz, my smile grew at the thought of him.

"Hey, baby," I cooed.

He chuckled, "Hey, Angel, are you at the party?"

"No, actually, Rae's finding me somethin' to wear...I'm sitting here in my undies."

Rae snorted, Beatz laughed, "Such a sight for sore eyes, eh?"

"Most definitely," I said cockily, joking entirely.

"Wish I was there."

"Me too," I murmured. "I really do miss you, Johnny."

"Oh man, I know it's true when you call me Johnny," he said softly. "I miss you too, Angelus."

"When will you be home?" I pouted.

"70 hours," he said happily. "Less than 3 days."

"The longest 3 days of my life," I grumbled. "What town are you in?"

"I have no idea, but I think we're in North Carolina."

"You should be asleep," I sighed. "We can talk in the morning, okay?"

"Tryna get rid of me, Lus?"

I smiled, "Never."

"Good. I have a surprise for you when I get home."

"Ya do? What is it?" I squealed.

He laughed, "You'll have to wait, it'll be worth it, I promise."

"'Kay...I love you."

"I love you too," he murmured. "Have fun, don't get too drunk."

"I won't. Sleep good."

"You too. 'Night, love."

Beatz and I hung up; Rae handed me a light colored floral dress that was a gift from Nikki Sixx. I didn't say no, it was this or jeans, and I had to look nice; so I put the dress on, grabbed some light salmon colored flats and began to finish my hair.

"What did Beatz say?" She asked.

"He has a surprise for me, and not to get too drunk."

Rae chuckled, "We'll see 'bout that. What kind of surprise?"

"He didn't say; I havta wait 70 hours."

Rae rolled her eyes playfully, "I bet he's gonna ask you to marry him."

"No," I shook my head, "he's gonna bring home a pile of dirty clothes and say "Surprise!" or he won me a toy from one of those truck stop claw machines."

"You'll love it, won't you?"

I smiled, shaking my hair out, "No doubt."
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