Frustrated with our Mibbian community!

Okay, so let me just start off by saying that even though I’ve only been active on Mibba for a few months, I’ve met some really wonderful authors who are extremely nice and have a talent that I only wish I could have. I won’t name them, because this blog isn’t about naming “Mibba Royalty” or calling someone “Mibba Famous.” If I look up to you, I’ve probably already told you and I feel like that’s just as respectable as naming you in a blog.

I’d also like to let it be known that I have no disrespect for any authors on this site for any reason. At least unless you are straight up attacking an ethnic group, a specific person, etc. Writing is a form of art and we all have our inspirations, likes/dislikes, things that get us excited and things that piss us off. If you take the time to put your story down on paper (or online), I applaud you for your bravery to expose your work to other people. I know first-hand how nerve wracking it can be to write something for the first time and wait for someone’s feedback. I believe that almost any form of writing should be encouraged. I may not read certain things that I’m not interested in, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect you as an author.

There is too much bashing, mention of “popularity contests” etc. lately, and I fucking hate all of it!

I’ve seen quite a few blogs about how someone didn’t mean to insult others by naming certain authors as Royalty, etc. I personally don’t get upset by these because everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I think it’s great if they want to give props to the people that inspire them and write things that they enjoy.

HOWEVER, I do understand where some of the people getting upset about these blogs are coming from. Lately it seems like there’s a lot of silent readers, less commenters, etc. I have a few readers that comment frequently and sometimes they make me feel like I’m on top of the world. I try my best to reply to each comment and I try to talk to people on here as frequently as possible, but I can’t help feeling like sometimes I, as well as other amazing authors, kind of get shafted.

I’m all about writing for your own happiness and enjoyment. In fact, whenever someone posts a blog or asks me personally for advice, that is the first thing I tell them. Write for yourself, not for others. Lately though, I’ve kind of been feeling discouraged because it’s hard when you put down a chapter (I know mine are usually 6000-8000 words, but I’m talking a chapter of any length) and you get 0-1 comments when you know that people are reading and subscribing. I’m a busy person, I get that life is crazy, but if I read a story that really pulls me in and I recommend it to others, I also make sure I let the author know how amazing I think the story is. I may not comment on every single chapter, but I try to at least comment every so often to give my thoughts or even just say “Hey, that was awesome, looking forward to more.”

Let’s face it, we all know how wonderful it feels to have your story commented on. So if you read other stories and like them, let the author know! Sometimes it’s a kick in the face when you put down all of that hard work that you’re under the impression is enjoyed and you get no feedback from it.

I’m not even quite sure what the whole point of this blog was, but I just needed to put it out there that it’s frustrating enough when your work doesn’t get recognized or at least you feel like it doesn’t when you put hours of time into it, let alone constantly seeing blogs about “Royalty” etc. Like I said, I’m not attacking anyone, and I think that a lot of people listed in these blogs are great authors, but it’s hard to sit back and have 25 blogs thrown in your face about how awesome everyone else is when you bust your ass writing and you get almost no feedback. Part of the reason I joined this site is to IMPROVE my writing, so even if you have suggestions for my stories to improve my writing etc, I’m open to hearing them.

Anyway, I’m done blabbing and I hope I didn’t piss anyone off. Even if I did, I don’t really care right now. I’m so frustrated with all of this drama and bullshit I’m considering leaving the site. This is supposed to be a community where we support each other, not tear each other down or pretend we’re not listening. I can only hope that I’m not crazy and that someone out there feels the same way.

October 2nd, 2013 at 05:37pm