My Dear

I remember you my dear
I believe I do
I remember your smile
Which could light up a room

I remember you my dear
The light in your eyes
The way you smiled behind the screen
And gave me butterflies

I remember the night I found out
The way my heart sank down
I remember behind that beautiful smile
There was a hidden frown

And now I ask everyday
Why did you have to go
Why could I not have been there for you
And now I'll never know

You were my first real love
And now you'll never feel it too
Watching from above
I believe you really do

All I wanted was to say goodbye
And tell you my remorse
Why did you ever leave my side
And ruin my life of course

You're gone and never coming home
On the bathroom floor you bled
And I'll never stop thinking about you
As I lay in bed

Insomnia is now my life
Regrets are on my mind
I feel myself in constant strife
And nothing is alright

I remember you my dear
How could I ever forget you?
Would you still love me if you were here
Or are am I to misconstrue

My dear you were everything to me
And that's all I have to say
We'll meet again and be happy
Until then I'll be on my way
♠ ♠ ♠
I sometimes write poems I guess