Haikus for My Love


laughing together
for hours on my shit cell phone
I feel safe with you

whole again

you're so fucking real
your smile, your laugh. even your tears.
you make me feel whole

no words

my love for you is endless
words will not suffice

just a fucking dream

dreamt of you again
I turn, the bed is empty
hot tears sting my eyes

let's save each other

breathe life into me
tell me I'm enough. kiss me.
save me from myself

you woke me up

blanket over head.
phone ringing. Your voice. I smile.
"good morning, my love."

come here, please

I feel like a child
small and lost without your touch
I grasp my pillow

I don't want to wake up

run to me, my love
quickly now, before it fades
please don't slip away
♠ ♠ ♠
I love you, babe. So fucking much. <3