A Lesson In Love

A Lesson In Love [5]

I jumped out the car as soon as it stopped, mostly because my brother was stood waiting on the other side of the car park, I ran over jumping into his arms hugging him. Yeah I really do miss him every time he's gone.

"Steady" I heard a laugh from behind as Jimmy started kissing the girl that had previously been by my brother side. I instantly got the wrong idea and ripped them apart.

"YOU SHAGGED AND BAGGED MY BROTHER?" I screamed at her, how dare she spend the night with my brother and then go to my best friend, whore.

"NO!" She said looking utterly shocked, I tilted my head and squinted my eyes She let out a light laugh "Me and your brother go way back, we're really good mates. I'm seeing Jimmy" She explained as if it was completely obvious and just from her saying that it made everything all right.

"Why did you spend the night with the man whore then?" I asked my face screwing up in confusion as I looked at my brother's slightly embarrassed face.

"Catching up" She shrugged, Oh I mumbled and nodded. I turned and walked towards the cinema, I could hear them following. I pulled a disgusted face and grunted in annoyance as I heard Matt's voice. The last thing I heard was Go on before there was a light tap on my shoulder I wasn't even sure if it had been touched. I turned and stood still on the spot.

"Look I'm really sorry but I didn't want to seem like the other guys on my first day" I heard a nervous voice unlike the powerful one so sure of itself I'd heard at school, I looked at Matt and bit my lip, I aint going to forgive him, just yet.

"What do you mean like the other guys?" I asked confused. Was he saying something bad about the way me and the guys were?

"I mean, you get shit of that Laura girl for being close to us, so it wouldn't look good if I was dead harsh on her straight away" He explained, his head tilted downwards, he looked so lost and unsure of himself, even in his huge muscled body with tattoos, he pulled off the five year old lost in a supermarket perfectly.

"Fair point" I said, I nodded and turned to walk and catch up with are queuing friend that had passed us and gone into the cinema.

"Start again?" He asked, I stopped and turned to him, taking a deep breath I looked down at his outstretched hand, I shook my head and carried on walking; I grinned to myself and counted to three. "What why?" I heard his voice; I laughed and turned hugging him tightly.

"Get used to me jumping on you if you expect to be my mate" I said laughing at my own way of hugging the guys.

"Okay, just not in school" He said looking down, I laughed, oh well at least I get to hug him, touch him, be near him. It's enough for any girl with a stupid teen crush.