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Forbidden and Mistaken

The Party

Christmas came soon enough. The days leading up to it weren't too bad, I had received a purple sweater from Mrs. Weasley, fudge from Ron, A cage for my Pygmy Puff, Ronnie, from the twins, a little device from Hermione that was shaped like a matchbox. It said "iPod" on it and played music from two long cords. Ginny gave me a new quill and some books titled More Spell and their Meanings, Witches Academy, and Magic in America. I gave Ginny a Firebolt (She had really wanted one, and even though it had cost me a lot, she was worth it), Hermione some new dresses and robes from Twilfitt and Tattings, I gave Harry some food (Well he lived with Muggles- duh, he needed it), and I gave Ron a broom kit for his Cleansweep. My mother had given me an original Book of Spells from Borgin and Burkes, and father had given me a Hand of Glory, which allowed me to see light when others could not. They were all really happy, and so was I even though I wasn't with my true family at the Weasleys.

Tobin had made enough food to feed an army. She had stayed up all night and day to finish the great feast that was prepared to go on the table for our guests. She had also decorated our house in an icy-blue feel. My mother had requested that she put away the "Christmas" themed stuff and settled for a more "Winter Wonderland" feel. As cold as it felt, the Mansion looked beautiful. I was dressed in a cool blue and gold dress which matched the decor that Tobin put up in the house.

"The guests will be arriving soon, dear. Please greet them as they apparate or use Floo to come in." My mother asked me.

"Ugh...fine." I groaned. What am I supposed to do? Be all cheerful and happy when Death Eaters are stepping in my house! I lounged on the black dragon-skin sofa until the first wizard apparated in front of me. Avery.

"Welcome." I said as I curtsied.

His cold face nodded at mine. A few minutes later, the Carrows came together. Those were some of the scariest Death Eaters. Well, next to my father of course. I was never afraid of Death Eaters, just of the Dark Lord himself. They would never think to hurt Lawrence Allen's daughter, they all knew that even though I was in Gryffindor, I was going to help defeat Harry Potter, and aid Voldemort immensely.

"Amycus and Alecto, welcome to the Allen Mansion."' I curtsied once again.

Alecto smirked at me. "Nice to see you, Eliza." She said with a cackle. Ugh, creepy much?

Nott came in next, then Crabbe, Goyle, Gibbon, Rookwood, and many others. I was finally pleased to see the face of Narcissa Malfoy.

"Good evening, Mrs. Malfoy." I said.

"Nice to see you, Eliza."

"Is Draco coming?" I asked.

"Of course, dear. Why wouldn't he?" She replied.

"I'm so sorry about Lucius." I told her.

"I-I don't know what to do, Eliza...Draco...Draco is-"

"I know. I promise, Narcissa. He'll be safe."

"Really?...Y-You'll help him?" She stammered.

"Draco trusts me." I told her.

"S-...Severus has vowed to do the same..."

"Snape? He's not trustworthy!" I exclaimed.

"That's what Bellatrix said too...But I know that he'll..." She was almost crying now.

"Well, consider this. If Snape fails, I'll do it. won't need a bond...b-because," I was almost crying now...just like Narcissa was starting to break down. "I love him." I told her.

"W-with Draco?" She asked, surprised.

"Yes...I've despised him for the last six years...but I don't know, he's changed." I said.

"Eliza, I trust you. I'll know he's safe." She confided as she went to join the others.

Then Selwyn, Macnair, Royle, Yaxley, and Wilkes came. I couldn't keep track of how many times I had to freaking curtsey! About forty Death Eaters were here now, but there was no sign of Draco.

"Good evening, Bellatrix." I said as one of my favourite cousins came through the fireplace.

"Nice to see you out and about, Eliza." She said. Bellatrix had an abstract personality. I hated her for killing Sirius, but she has always been one of my favourites. Her loyalty to the Dark Lord for staying in Askaban for all of those years was unbelievable. Yes, she was definitely mad. Yes, she was against the Order, and therefore against Harry. But she was still family. And still one of my favourite relatives.

"Likewise." I said as I greeted more people.

Oh no. Who could I see coming through the fireplace next? Henry Mucliber. Henry freaking Mucliber stepped through the fireplace. He was eighteen, and a huge pain in the ass. Always bickering with me like a giant prat! And a Death Eater too, none the less.

"Hello, Eliza." Henry said as his mother and father came out after him.

"Henry." I replied with a nod. He was the most disgusting, vile creature I have ever set my eyes on.

"What?" He barked. "No one to protect you?" He taunted, stating the relationship that Draco and I had almost six years ago.

"Shut up, Mucliber." I said. He finally just gave up as he sauntered away.

Twenty minutes had past, and still, there was no sign of Draco Malfoy. I sat on the sofa once again, trying to figure out the little device that Hermione had given me for Christmas. It was really odd, with a touch-like dial and buttons that said 'menu', and arrows pointing in directions. I was about to give up, when I heard another 'bang' and looked up to see the stormy-grey eyes of Draco Malfoy.

"Hello, Draco." I said. There was nobody around but us, the rest had either gone off with mother, or had gone down to the lair with father.

He pulled me into a hug. "Merry Christmas, Eliza."

"Merry Christmas." I whispered into his ear.

Suddenly, Henry came up from behind us.

"Well, well, well...A Gryffindor and a Slytherin...This is quite unheard of." Henry teased.

"Shut up, Mucliber." Draco said as we came out of our embrace.

"I'd like to see you try and make me." He smirked.

"Stop it, guys." I said before any wands were pulled out.

"I agree with your girlfriend, Malfoy. Before you lose your rights as a Death Eater..."

I slapped Henry across the face. Hard. "Shut up before I blast you into oblivion." I threatened as Henry walked away fast to the other Death Eaters.

Draco looked stunned. "Well, what do you think I would've done? Let him shout at us the whole evening? Please, I'm Eliza Allen." I smirked.

"So...about 'girlfriend'?" He asked me.

"Girlfriend? " I joked. This was going to be a long night.