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Blinded By Adoration

Chapter fifteen.

“Well come on then” I instructed Tony to follow me out to my car. As I climbed into the driver’s side, Tony climbed into the passenger seat. I started up the car and began to roll down the windows and the sun roof. I turned the knob on the radio up a couple notches before pointing out “You’re going to have to give me directions, I don’t know where Vic lives”. Tony rolled his eyes and laughed “Just follow Interstate 5”. I began to pull out of the driveway when I noticed that the same black SUV was still parked outside of my home. I pressed the breaks and searched through my car’s console to find the spare set of keys I had made. I pressed the “Alarm on, AWAY” settings button on the small remote control of the keychain of my spare key. I took a deep breath and let it out, relieved. I’ve never used my home alarm before because my neighborhood is a guard-gated community. Only those who know the passcode can enter. Maybe one of my neighbors has a visitor over who doesn’t know the rules? I don’t know. Tony just laughed from the seat next to me before I hit him on his arm and continued to back out of my driveway.

As I made a right onto Vic’s street, I could already hear the music blaring and the faint smell of burgers and hot dogs being grilled. I pulled along the side of the street, parking in gravel. We got out of the car and walked along the sidewalk that led up to Vic’s home. “Hey Amigos!” Vic threw his arms into the air once he saw that we arrived. I laughed as Vic ran to hug me first, squeezing me tightly. I laughed then watched Tony and Vic hug too. “A couple more minutes and everyone should be here” he smiled, leading us inside his house. “This is amazing” I commented on his lovely décor. For a guy, he sure knows how to decorate. “Help yourself to food and drinks, I’ll be right back” Vic smiled, excusing himself to greet his other friends who arrived. I left Tony’s side and began to wander around Vic’s home alone. I stepped into the crowded kitchen, making my way through the people as I went over to the counter to grab myself a cup of soda. The house was becoming too packed with all of those people so I decided to walk outside and see what was cooking.

I noticed Mike was over by the grill and I laughed. “Hey mike!” I smiled “Hey!” He flashed a small smile back, leaving from behind the grill to hug me. “How’ve you been?” He asked, flipping a burger. “Good, you?” I responded. “Never been better” Mike chatted. We exchanged small talk for a moment before I felt a pair of eyes burning holes into me. I cautiously looked around, finding no one. “I’ll talk to you later” I smiled at Mike and left to walk back into the house.

“Noelle?” I heard a squeaky voice rise from behind me. I shut my eyes, sighing before opening them back up then turning around. My eyes came to land on Lola’s as she smiled sympathetically and walked towards me. “Hey” She smiled. “Hi” I bluntly responded. “You can’t still be mad at me” She whined, putting her hand on her hip. “I don’t know, can I?” I tested. “It’s been almost a month, Noe. Please?” “Please what?” I cocked up one of my eyebrows. “Forgive me? Please? I worked it all out with Tony, everything’s okay.” Lola flashed her whites, giving her best fake smile I’ve saw too many times before. “Yeah, okay.” I lied, she wasn’t forgiven because she didn’t mean it. Lola threw her arms around me, thanking me for “forgiving” her. I tried excusing myself but when I did, Lola followed behind me like a lost puppy.

I walked into the house, pretty sure she was trailing behind me again as I spotted Tony and managed to get through all of the people to walk into the living room to talk to him.

As soon as I turned the corner to completely see what Tony was doing, my heart dropped. His hands were resting on a blonde’s waist while her hands were tangled in his hair. Tony was smiling just as he leaned into kiss her. I walked up to Tony, tapping his shoulder and being a huge cock block. The two stopped kissing immediately and I’m pretty sure the blonde was giving me a dirty look. The tone of my voice lowered as I spoke “You can find your own way home” My focus was on the floor as I turned to walk to the front door. I swung the door open, letting it slam shut behind me.

As I walked down the steps I was caught by Jaime. “Hey, where ya going?” He smiled sweetly. “Home” I sighed before trying to give him a smile back. “…What happened?” He caught on. “You know when you think someone likes you but then you realize you were just a rebound?” I sarcastically heaved a laugh giving Hime hints. “You didn’t know Tony had a girlfriend?” His voice almost immediately sounding regretful and sympathetic. I shook my head as I turned my attention back to my car. “But hey, I gotta get going. I’ll talk to you another time.” A simple small smile danced upon my lips just before I turned to walk to my car again as it faded. This always happens, I’m always a rebound girl. There’s always someone better.

On my drive home, I kept the radio off and only one window cracked a bit. A clear mind is what I really needed right now. I stopped off at a local McDonalds to buy a medium strawberry milkshake before driving in silence the rest of the way home.

I unlocked my home alarm as I stepped into the house that has been my own since I’ve move to San Diego 6 years ago to escape Ohio. I took my heels off by the shoe matt and slid my dress off. I took the clips out of my hair, running my fingers through it a couple of times before pulling it all up into a simple ponytail. I walked into the kitchen, getting the ingredients I needed to make alfredo pasta. I grabbed the noodles from the cabinet as I poured them into the boiling pot of water to let them cook. I hopped up onto the counter looking down at my half naked body. No wonder why I was a rebound girl, I mean, look at me. I heard my phone beep from the living room. I sighed not wanting to be bothered but I figured I might as well see who it is.

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Tony: I should’ve told you I’m in a relationship when we were talking last night. I’m sorry Noah.
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