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Forbidden and Mistaken


Draco! Come up here! It's beautiful." A young Eliza called from above.

"You're going to fall Ellie! Get down!" The young, blonde Draco answered.

"Come on, Draco! Please stop being a wuss!" I said as I beckoned him to come to the top of our oak tree, it was still fairly young, but easy enough for an eight year old to climb.

"I'm not going to. Let me get my broom and I'll help you down." He said. Soon enough, he came back to pick me up at the top of the tree.

"Oh, Draco. From up here, you can see the whole Mansion!"

"Come on,'re going to get hurt."

"Okay, Draco...but only if you play hide and seek with me."

"Fine, Sure...but you're it!" He said as I hopped on his broom and flew to the ground below.

I flashed back into reality. I can't believe daydreaming in class can turn into a thought about Draco Malfoy! The real Draco was cruel, evil, and just damn straight full of himself!

"Eliza!" Hermione said.


"Didn't you hear Flitwick? We have to give a report that needs to be handed in no later than Tuesday!"

"On?" I asked.

"Basic charms and their origins! Didn't you hear!"

" Thanks 'Mione."

"Stop daydreaming...What's with you? You're starting to act more like Ron by the day."

"Oh, sorry...It's just...nothing."

"Whatever you say..." She answered as we met up with Harry and Ron for lunch. I stayed behind to take a few more notes, then exited down the hallway. I was reading my papers and wasn't looking where I was going when I fell into-

"Watch it, Allen!" Malfoy scolded.

"Sorry...oh" I looked up. "You. In that case...I'm not sorry."

"Please, Allen...You were always clumsy as a child."

"And you were always a coward...Now if you'll let go of my arm-" Instead, he pushed me back harder. Ouch!

"Ow! What was that for?"

"For having such a big mouth!" He said as my books, notes, and quills scattered across the cold floor.

"I remember a time where you actually admired my big mouth and large ego. When we used to play quidditch in the backyard and I used to beat you, remember? You were always so mad...especially when I taunted you."

His face turned red. "You never taunted me, you little brat! You were just as annoying and selfish as you are now! And a blood-traitor as well, might I add. A stupid little girl like yourself...a Gryffindor."

"I am not a blood traitor, Malfoy! My family means very much to me!"

"Then can I ask you a question, Eliza? Why are you in Gryffindor then? Why did that damned sorting hat put you in the bloody house!"

"It said that I was brave and noble. And that I would never betray my friends! It also considered Slytherin, might I add...because of my ancestry. But in the end, it refused to put me where my forfathers went!"

"Betray your friends...You sure fooled me, Eliza."

"Draco Malfoy, I hate you!" I yelled.

" actually know my first name. That's a surprise."

"Well I'd prefer it if you don't know mine, you basterd! Look what you've done!"

"Leviosa." He said as the things lifted, so I could go pick them up. But instead of putting them back in my bag, he threw them over the side of the staircase and boom! One of the hidden dungbombs went off.

"What a slimy little git you are! YOU- you-"

"Save it." He said with one of his signature smirks on his face.

"Shut the hell up and get my books!" I yelled.

"Hmm...your temper will get you nowhere, Allen." He said as he walked away with a smirk. I went down and picked up all of the stuff. I can't believe I used like him, before I went to Hogwarts! I'm glad we aren't friends anymore! He's a stupid nutcase with a passion for hurting people and making them miserable! It's just so stupid! What did I do that made him hate me so much! I got in Griffindor, and then everyone in my family and my best friend hates me.
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