Having a Split Personality

One morning when Mike wakes up, he discovers that he has powers. At first he can't remember anything, but then he starts having flashbacks. He meets the person who gave him the powers, Arcturis. Mike is stuck obeying Arcturis and doing whatever he tells him.
  1. Waking up Different
    Mike wakes up to find out he has powers and has a flashback.
  2. Arcturis's Assignment
    Mike meets Arcturis who gave him his powers and gets his first assignment.
  3. Tempers
    Mike gets in trouble with Arcturis and sees further changes in himself.
  4. Phone Calls
    Mike gets phone calls from Mike and Tre.
  5. Nightmares
    Mike is charged with the task of scaring a "friend" of Arcturis in the future.
  6. Mike's Revenge
    Mike runs into the guys who hurt Billie and kills them.
  7. Green Day No More
    Mike gets angry and hurts Billie. Billie then declares that he's not his friend anymore, and he's no longer a member of Green Day.
  8. Mike's Problem
    Billie and Tre decided to not care about Mike anymore and Mike gets assigned another mysterious mission.
  9. Kidnapper
    Mike kidnaps Kristine Wilson.